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The LF-62 was Helly Hansen's base model and served as a template for several mask and prototypes. Among these are LFG, LFC, LGP-62 and the LFD as well as some variants designated for several essential businesses. The mask has a voice diaphram, inlet/outlet valve, a PVC visor, 6-point harness and a nasal cup. On the forehead it has its name pressed into the rubber. It also has where it was produced on the left side: "Moss - Norway".

The kit came with a carrier bag, filter and two pamphlets, among other things. The carrier is the same as with the "A family" masks (A-59/A-62), but features a strap to hang it from the shoulder. The filter is a grey 40mm STANAG NBC filter. The kit came with an instruction booklet.

The mask, along with most Helly masks, were designed to be better than the old Skyddmask m/51. However, while the mask were pretty good, some had problems fitting the shape of the soldiers head. This was of course not good and many either swapped back to the Skyddsmask 51. One reason for this could be the PVC visor. While it gave a clear view and would bend while shouldering a rifle, it bent permanently if not stored correctly. The mask came with a piece of strong cardboard to give it shape while in the bag, but without it the PVC rapidly took control. The LFC wikia features a mask which has been bent because it is missing the cardboard. 

Some variants of the LF-62 were stamped with:

  • NSB (the train network)
  • Posten (the postal service)

The mask was overall good and used mainly by the military, civilians, and the Civil Defence. The police had no mask at the time and would often lend it.