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The LFC was issued to the Sjøforsvaret (Norwegian navy). The mask is similar to the LF-62. A variant of the LFC, known as the LFG, allowed for the use of glasses. The LFG was also issued to the Navy, alongside the LFC.

Mask overview[]

It features a voice diaphragm, inhale and exhale valve, and a longer strap so the mask can rest hanging from the neck. The mask is easily dismantled as each detachable part has grooves for better gripping.

The LFC and LF-62 are practically identical. The key difference being the grooves on various parts, a neck strap and the LFC's green color.


The mask came with a pretty standard STANAG NBC filter.

Bag and kit[]

The carrier is also one of the more advanced carriers from the Helly Hansen mask era, being described as tough and strong. The kit came with a filter and a packet cleaning powder.

External information[]

Even though the mask was superior on paper, it received mixed reviews on the field. This resulted in some mixing within the military. While the LFC (and LF-62) originally took the spot of several gas masks within the military (some obsolete long ago), it had problems with fitting and thus some were replaced. This means that while some wore the LFC, many more wore the somewhat outdated NM16. It was really just up to the soldiers to decide which they preferred.