This article is about the Yugoslav and Serbian respirator series. For the French respirator, see M2 (France). For the US M2 respirator, see M2 (United States). For the gas mask made in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia see M-2 (Kingdom of Yugoslavia).

The M-2 replaced the M-1 in military service in Yugoslavia and was manufactured by Miloje Zakić (Trayal since 1995) in Kruševac, Yugoslavia (now Serbia).

The Mask Edit

The M-2 was introduced as a modernisation of the ageing M-1. The M-2 features a different faceform, removing some of the excess bulge that is the hallmark of the M9A1 gas mask and its copies. It also feeds the more standard 40mm threaded filters, allowing for standardization. The exhale valve is protected by a plastic housing piece, which replaces the rubber housing of the M-1 mask. The lenses are also slightly different from the M1.

The M-2 has three sizes: M (Serbian: Mala - "Small"), S (Serbian: Srednja - "Medium"), V (Serbian: Velika - "Large"). The size is indicated above the inlet on the outside of the mask, and on the carrier.

Accessories Edit


M-2 Personal Protective Kit

Some M-2 masks were distributed in a kit similar to that of the M-1 and MC-1 Personal Protective Kits. The manufacture dates and number of these kits manufactured is unknown. The kits are marked with the later, plainer marking system. Instead of the 'KOMPLET ZA LIČNU ZAŠTITU GRAÐANA' seen on early model M-1 and MC-1 kits, most M2 personal protective kits are marked with the much shorter 'LIČNI KOMPLET' of the later variant of the MC-1 kit. The manufacturer's mark is still present on the carrier.

Variants Edit

M2F Edit

The M2F was manufactured in black, rather than green, and the exhale valve was replaced by a plastic assembly incorporating a voice diaphragm, the cover of which features the manufacturer's emblem. The assembly is interchangeable with that of the Finnish M61, which it's a close copy of.

M2FV Edit

The M-2FV differs from the M-2F by the addition of a drinking tube.

The M-2FV was issued with a larger carrier with a canteen pocket, patterned with a copy of US M81 Woodland, instead of a tan colour. [3] The M-2FV kit includes:

  • The carrier. Larger than the M-2F carrier, it has more internal pockets and is patterned with a copy of US M81 woodland, but doesn't have a shoulder strap
  • A M-2FV mask
  • Filter
  • Canteen
  • Canteen lid
  • Tube with screw adapters on either end to connect the canteen to the mask

CR-M30 Edit

The CR-M30 kit was issued to military handlers of rocket fuel. The kits were mostly manufactured in 1999. The CR-M30 kit includes:

  • A carrier (Larger than the M-2 bag, and designed to be carried with the opening upwards)
  • An M-2 mask
  • A CR-M30 filter, black with "O" (oxidising chemicals) marking or green with "G" (rocket fuel) marking
  • An M-3 LPD (Serbian: Lični Pribor za Dekontaminaciju - "Personal Decontamination Kit")
  • Cleaning cloths
  • A pair of M-4 gloves
  • A corrugated hose


M-2a Edit

The M2a is a rare prototype variant of the M2. It's unclear whether the prototype preceded the M2F, M2FV or was abandoned further during M2 development.

Replacement by M3 Edit

The M-2 and M-2F/M-2FV models are the current issue gas masks of the Serbian Armed Forces, though it is slated to be replaced by the M3 in the near future.

Egyptian use Edit

The armed forces of Egypt use a copy of the M-2 manufactured by the Heliopolis Company under licence.

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