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This article is about the Danish respirator. For the Belgian respirator, see M1931 (Belgium).

M.1931 Is a Danish interwar mask, being a further development of the previous M.1926, which itself is a modernized ARS clone.

Mask Edit

The facepiece is constructed of 2 layers of cotton, with the inner being oiled and the outer being rubberized.

The valve-housing is near identical to the M.1926 and made of stamped aluminium.

Metal parts of early masks were painted an orange-ish brown, whereas later production ones were green. The lense-holders are stamped, threaded on and made of brass, the lenses are made of 2 layers of laminated glass. 

The harness consists of 5 cotton straps, each with metal springs on the inside to provide stretchiness. The straps meet with a cotton band in the back. It also has a nape strap going across the back of the neck and hooking into a hook on the left side of the mask. Also has a carrying strap.  

Features Edit


Accessories Edit

The kit consists of

  • Mask with filter
  • Manual
  • Canister
  • Extra filter
  • Anti-fog inserts
  • Cleaning cloth

The kit is stored in a metal canister, stamped M.1931 on the lid, and with a female 42mm thread stamped on the inside to store the extra filter in. Filters are sealed with wax and cardboard cover.

Gallery Edit

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