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[[T.35 filter]] (only converted masks)|thread = {{thread|DIN}}
[[T.35 filter]] (only converted masks)|thread = {{thread|DIN}}
(only for modified variants)|weight = Full kit : 2050 ± 50 g (depending on the size of the mask)}}
(only for modified variants)|weight = Full kit : 2050 ± 50 g (depending on the size of the mask)|issued = {{user|it-a-r}}
UNPA (fascist civil protection IT)
{{User|civil|Italian civil defense}}
Italian Red Cross
Various Nationalist belligerants (Spanish Civil War)}}
== Mask overview ==
== Mask overview ==

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The M.33 was a multi-purpose facepiece that succeeded the M.31 as the army's main gas mask.

Mask overview Edit

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M.33 with standard intake-outtake piece and T.35 filter

The face piece is made of thick rubber colored either white or black. The eye pieces are made of the same "unbreakable" glass as the later T.35. The mask sports the standard Italian five straps system. At the bottom of the face piece stands the intake-outtake piece, which houses the exhale valve and the connection to the hose. At the end of the hose stands the M.33 filter, attached with tape.

R.M.3 gas mask with its kit

The kit Edit


R.M.3 gas mask with its kit

The mask came in a two-sections satchel, one for the mask and the other for the filter and hose. The filter section had a sloped metal piece to allow airflow to the filter's bottom. The mask also came with anti-fogging lenses and soap.

R.M.3 gas mask with its kit


M.33 SAB marking


Autoprotettore S.C.M. 37

The Autoprotettore S.C.M. 37 Edit

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M.33 mask with the hose for the Autoprotettore S.C.M. 37


Autoprotettore S.C.M. 37

The Autoprotettore S.C.M. 37 was a self-contained breathing apparatus made by Spasciani. This kind of device was used by people who needed a continuous flow of oxygen, for example, firefighters. The face piece was connected through a hose to the backpack, which was not very large.

Autoprotettore S.C.M. 37

Spanish Civil War use Edit

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M.33 with GM30 intake-outtake piece and Spanish filter

During the Spanish Civil War there were no officially exported gas masks, hence no type designation and no service regulations or instructions. The Italian troops fighting there sported a black colored T.35 or an M.33 (or M.31) with a GM-30 intake-outtake piece with either a Spanish or a German filter and satchel.

Some of those masks were also issued to local Spanish groups.

M33-esercitazione 2

M.33 being used during training


M.33 being used during training


Mussolini checking on soldiers wearing chemical suits and M.33 (or M.31) masks


A soldier wearing an M.33 (or an M.31) with a chemical suit


M.33 face piece with GM30 intake-outtake piece, CMP filter (german) and Italian satchel

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