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The M.42 filter was the successor to the T.35 filter and it was used from 1942 until 1958.

Overview Edit


Pirelli M.42 filter

The M.42 filter was a brown-painted metal box containing a layer of particulate filtering material and a layer of activated charcoal and other blocking substances at the top. Before being opened, the bottom is covered by a rubber seal and the top is closed using a 40mm lid. After the filter has been opened for the first time, it could be closed again using the 40mm lid and the same rubber seal attached through a string to the filter. The M.42 was a bit lighter and more efficient than the T.35 filter, but it was never issued widely because of monetary constraints in the Italian army.

Markings Edit

The M.42 filter has three main markings:

  1. A the bottom of the filter there is the date of production.
  2. The two symbols on the top near the filter thread are the manufacturer's logos.
  3. Near the manufacturer's logos, there is the name of the filter, M.42.
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