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The Finnish M/38 was the successor for the M/30 in the military and have many resemblance to the older mask. Its civilian variant is the Vss. 1-12-1.

Overview Edit

The facepiece itself is made of moulded orange rubber which is covered by drab colored stockinet material. The glasses are in metal assemblies. The valve house is the one major update compared to the M/30 as it is similar to the one on GM30. It is made of aluminium or on the later ones bakelite. The 40mm intake is on the top while the exhale is on the bottom of the assembly. The harness system is unchanged compared to the M/30 however it is not connected to the edge of the mask but to the side.

Filter Edit

Small cylindrical lightweight filters.

Bag and kit Edit

The bag was simplified so it is much smaller then the M/30 one. The kit was otherwise the same.

External information Edit

It shares many parts with the older M/30.

There were 20000 pieces in service by 1939.

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