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The US M-11 filter canister was used first with the US M5 assault mask, afterward the US M9 and M9a1 gas masks, as well as the M13/m13a1 headwound gas masks. It, like the Finnish canister, is grey in color, but unlike its Finnish counterpart is much more plainly marked in ink with the serial/lot number, and other markings stamped into the metal. [Authors note: I have not seen one of these filters in person and may be mistaken]. These filters are less common than the Finnish canisters, but are by no means difficult to find should one search for them. The filters were in production from the 1940s to the 1980s, though it should be noted that production was likely cut by an unknown but most likely significant amount after the M9a1 was phased out of service by the general infantry in 1959. The M9 masks were still being used up until the 90s [by decontamination crews, the national guard, and for other uses], and as such there was an (albeit limited) need for the M-11 filter to be produced for an extended period. It is interesting to note that the continued production of the M-11 filter was used instead of a filter adapter, probably because it was for the time period much more practical.

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