The M15 gas mask is Israel's current and standard issue military respirator that has been used for decades by their Defense Forces as well as their law enforcement. The M15 was also made available to the population with a different design, the main difference being that the civilian use ones had circular shaped eyes, not triangular. It was designed to withstand an NBC disaster as well as provide the user with a comfortable, firm feel, a wide field-of-view, and little interference in moving, fighting, and communicating. It is considered to be a high-end gas mask because it's made by a country that faces deadly and terrifying threats and has a proven shelf life of 20 years. It takes threaded 40mm NATO filters, each lasting approximately 8 hours upon taking it out of the seal and attaching it to the mask. It includes an integrated speech diaphragm as well as a side voice emitter to talk effectively with a phone and includes a drinking tube attachment to connect a straw, further increasing the comfort. It's fully adjustable with five elastic straps that connect to a head harness and the mask's body and orinasal cup are built from a soft, lightweight rubber that provides minimal breathing resistance yet a high amount of protection from known NBC agents. The cylindrical lenses are made out of impact resistant plastic and are compatible with prescription lens using a frame mount assembly. The M15 appears to be based on the German M65.

M15 Gas Mask Models(Military) Edit

There are 4 different types of models for the military issue M15, all of which are NBC rated:

  1. M15-A30 Model- The most basic form of the M15, this mask has no voice emitter or drinking system and is used by their law enforcement and homeland security for various situations due to it's versatility
  2. M15-A1 Model- Similar to the A30 model but includes a drinking tube for use in contaminated areas
  3. M15-A1T Model- Standard military mask with a side emitter for telephone communication as well as a drinking tube
  4. M15-S80 Model- Standard mask used by IDF(Israeli Defense Force) tank crews, includes a built-in microphone, a flexible rubber breathing hose, and the side voice emitter like the A1 model; overall, the most advanced M15

Filters for the M15 Edit

The mask is issued with a greenish, tan color STANAG 4155("NATO") compliant canister designated as M80. The filters were originally developed for the IDF to protect against NBC contaminants but also work with civilian masks too. The filter is lightweight, comfortable, and durable and should live a long life with proper care considering they have a shelf life of 15 years.

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