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This article is about the American respirator. For the Belgian respirator, see M.24.

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The requirement for a protective mask for Army aircrew personnel was initially established in 1933. Almost 3 0 years later, in 1962, the Army standardized a modified version of the M14 Tank Mask as the M24 Aircraft Mask. The mask comes in three sizes and has a backup canister for use outside the aircraft. It has a hood for over the helmet use, antiglare eyelens outsert, and an oxygen adapter for aircraft with oxygen. The M24 gas mask entered service in 1962 and was used up until the mid 1990s by helicopter crew. It was also adopted by the Italian Air Force.


The M24 is similar to the M14 series tank crew mask except it doesn't have a coupler and it has a MI33/U male mic cord as opposed to the female cord used on the M25 and M14 tank gas masks. The M24 could also be worn outside of the aircraft with the canister fastened inside of the carrier. Often times the carrier would not be worn if the mask was being used with aircraft.


The M24 has 2 outsert a clear and an ant-glare outsert outsert that can be put on top of one another, anti fogging cloth and a chemical protective hood ABC-M7 and a winterization kit

The carrier for the M24 is the M17 carrier which was designed specifically to be carried on the right side as opposed the the M13A1 Carriers which were designed to be carried on the left.

The M7 aircraft Mask Hood for the M24 mask is made of a butyl-rubber-coated nylon cloth. When issued the hood was powedered with talc to prevent the hood from sticking together. It features 2 fasteners on the inside of the hood that would go on the sides of the facepiece. There is a neck fastener that secures the hood around the neck as well as velcro fasteners on the straps.

The mask also came with a M6A1 Fiberboard faceform

The M8 CB Mask Oxygen Supply Adapter

This accessory would connect the M24 mask to the main oxygen supply system of the aircraft or to a oxygen bailout bottle. This would allow for a flow of oxygen through the adapter's canister and hose into the facepiece of the mask.

The adapter consists of a canister coupling and an oxygen connector. The coupling would go over the end of an M10A1 Canister. The connector at the end of the canister coupling fits into a socket in the oxygen connector. The female connector on the oxygen connector couples the mask to a bailout bottle.

Italian adoption[]

The M24 was adopted by the Italian aviation under the "M70" designation. Kit and use were virtually identical to the American-used ones, making Italian kits indistinguishable. A dedicated manual was made.