The M3 is the current service respirator of the armed forces of Serbia, replacing the M2 and its variants. The mask was designed by the VTI (Military technical institute)[3], and is manufactured by Trayal (formerly Miloje Zakić).

The Mask Edit

The M3 bears quite a close resemblance to the US M40 mask, and improved significantly on the characteristics of its predecessor, the M2FV.

The M3 is made of brominated butyl, with thermoplastic lenses. It has two voice diaphragms and a drinking system.[1][2]

Accessories Edit

  • Carrier
  • CBRN filter canister, 40mm STANAG-4155 thread
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Flask adaptor for drinking tube use
  • A short manual for maintaining and installing corrective inserts

If the user requires corrective lenses, these are issued with the mask.

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