The M52 is the Czechoslovak licensed variant of the ShM-41. It was issued to the Československá Lidová Armáda (Czechoslovakian People's Army), Lidové Milice (People's militia) and to other organisations.

Overview Edit

The mask is a typical helmet styled rubber Soviet mask with two circular eyepieces that can fit antifog inserts, but it has also a Tissot tube system. The valve house is made of metal and painted dark tan, it has a 40mm GOST thread. The mask was made in 5 sizes.


It differs from the M52 only on the valve housing because unlike other ShM-41 copies it has double exhale valve plus a removable rubber cylinder covering the valve house resulting in a very unusual triple exhale valve.

Filter Edit

The filter (similar to the EO-12) is a big flat canister filter connected by a hose to the mask.

Bag and the kit Edit

The bag is made of simple brown-colored canvas and has two basic but very easy to use buttons.

The kit contained:

  • M52 or M52u facepiece
  • bag
  • hose and filter
  • antifog inserts or soap

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