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The M62 was a mask designed for the Bundeswehr. It was in use from 1962 till 1965, being replaced by the M65.

Mask Edit

The facepiece is very similar to the M65, but with a few differences. The masks edges are thinner than the M65s, and the exhale valve is made out of metal, along with the filter port.

The inside is where the most changes are seen. There is no oral-nasal cap as where the M65 has one, instead, it has a deflector system.

Kit Edit

The bag shown on the pic is an Austrian bag. The bag issued to the German army had a padded part for the filter and a watersealed zipper as closure. With this bag, a small kit has been deployed including a lipstick-like wax-pen and a small tube of vaseline to keep the zipper functionable.

Gallery Edit

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