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The M73 is a variant of the M59 with optical eye pieces and it is the successor of the O.41Rs, which was used and produced until the 1970s.

Mask overview Edit


Comparison of the M73 (left) and the M59 (right)

The mask is made from black rubber, it has an inner mask for better periferal seal and has an oral-nasal cup to avoid fogging. The Intake is at the bottom while the exhale valve is on the left side and its cover can be turned to decide in which direction air should go. In the front there is a voice diaphragm.
The M73's porpouse is to be able to see through optical devices, and this is obtained through the use of small circular forward-looking eye pieces. Those eye pieces are easily replaceable with graded lenses for those who use glasses.

M73 eye pieces view from the inside of the mask

The kit Edit

The mask came with the same kit as the tanker's M59, with hose, filter and bag.


M73 with microphone and NBC suit


M73 left side

Reference Edit

Video on the mask by Soviet Doge

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