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M-8 Snout Mask 2-3

The M8 Snout gas mask with M11 filter attached.


The M8 Snout-type gas mask made by the US. It was based on M2 and M3 facepieces with the lightweight M11 canister. With production of about 300,000 units, the M8 remained in use until 1958.

The M8 Snout Gas Mask was designed to be a lightweight for use by assault troops. The M8 has the filters connected directly to the facepiece at the chin position, replacing the hose.

The standard M8 facepiece assembly is similiar to the one used on the M2A3 as well as the M3 and M3A1 gas masks. An alternate M8 facepiece was also supplied using a older type molded rubber facepiece with small differences in the webbing mounts, rifle skids, and neck strap. For full details, see TM 3-205 The Gas Mask (March 1951).

The M8 Snout-type Gas Mask had a specially designed carrier bag, the M10, made of waterproof cotton duck material. A flap assembly is sewn on the back near the opening. It can be closed by folding the flap over the opening and snapping LTD (lift-the-dot) fasteners. Two inside pockets hold accessories and the anti-dim set. Two flannel lens pads inside protect the gas mask lenses. Two strap assemblies are stitched to the bag.

Prototype ModelsEdit

The prototype model of the M8 was issued in a gray canteen, instead of the standard haversacks used by the United States at the time. Allegedly, the prototype was used as a training mask.

Originally, the prototype had a fixed filter, but that was abadoned with the final model.

An image of the rarer prototype.

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