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The M95 gas mask (its designation in the Finnish army is M/95) was designed and produced by Scott Safety under a contract from the Finnish Armed Forces and successfully replaced the M61 in 1995. It uses a unique face-form system, for example, the drinking tube is at the middle of the mask directly above the exhale valve, and is protected by a grey cover when not in use. The gas mask can be used with the filter on the left side, the right side, or potentially both with one canister on each side of the mask. The unused filter port is sealed, either with a simple plug or the M95 voice emitter. It's designed to be compatible with any NATO 40mm filters and also accepts a speaking diaphragm and prescription lens support as accessories. It uses a six-point, mesh head harness that is said to be able of deploying in less than 10 seconds. The exterior is made of lightweight, halogenated, butyl rubber- capable of delivering fire retardant properties and improved resistance to NBC and CBRN agents as opposed to other common rubbers. It is the modern issue gas mask of the Finnish Armed Forces, and is also in use with various other national armies, such as Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Kuwait.

Scott Safety also lists the M110 gas mask on their catalogue, listing it as a mask for law enforcement use. It seems to be the same as the M95 Military Mask. Two versions are available one with a drink system the other without. M110 is essentially a m95 that has received CBRN certification through NIOSH

The Scott Safety M95 can be purchased from various sources. It seems that there is no obvious distinction between the Scott Safety M95 being sold domestically to Finnish Surplus M95 masks, except possibly for a used condition of the mask.

Micronel Safety USA also sells the M95 Gas Mask. Most, if not all, M95 masks are made by Scott Safety and Micronel Safety appears to be a US Local Business Partner of Scott Safety. Micronel also sells other Scott Safety respirator models and filters. Unlike most respirators which have manufacturer stampings on the rubber exterior, the markings on the M95 can be found on the inside part of the exhale valve. Various other Scott markings are also found beneath the oral-nasal cup even on Micronel Safety M95s indicating that most, if not all, M95 masks are made by Scott Safety regardless of the distributor.

User's PerspectiveEdit

The M95 exhibits a remarkably wide field of vision; more so than any other dual-eyepiece gas mask. This is due to the eyepieces being designed to be in very close proximity to user's eyes thus allowing for a wider viewing angle and reduced tunnel vision. The mask is also very comfortable and seals well thanks to the well-folded orinasal cup and face seals which are made out of very soft silicone rubber that is comparably softer than most gas masks such as the MCU-2/P, for example. The mask's distortion-free eyepieces are made from polyamide (according to the user manual) and not polycarbonate or some type of crystal or glass which have the potential to shatter into harmful pieces when hit with high-velocity fragments. Although this material may not have the impact or scratch resistance of polycarbonate, it is effective and is known to maintain its clarity and will not turn yellow overtime.

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Use with chemical suitsEdit

The Slovenian army uses the mask with the ABC-92 chemical suit as well.

User organisationsEdit

  • Flag-fi-a Puolustusvoimat (Finnish army)

  • Flag-hr-a Oružane snage Republike Hrvatske (Croatian army)

  • Flag-si-sv Slovenska vojska (Slovenian army)

  • Flag-sk-a Ozbrojené sily Slovenskej Republiky (Slovak aremd forces)

  • Flag-ee-a Eesti Kaitsevägi (Estonian defence forces)

  • Flag-lt-a Lietuvos ginkluotosios pajėgos (Lithuanian army)

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