Scott M95 Canister

The M95 Filter in its original packaging

The M95 Filter is a NATO 40mm combination filter developed and manufactured by Scott Safety and Micronel Safety for use with respirators or gas masks which can mount NATO 40mm filter canisters. It has a particulate filter and chemical absorbent layer which allows it to filter chemical, biological and nuclear airborne contaminants and works against gases and vapors. Like most current-generation Scott Filters, the M95 has a high 99.99% filtration efficiency against particulates which is above the standard 99.97%.

Origins and AvailabilityEdit

Made in Finland, the M95 Filter is also affectionately known as the "Rainbow" filter due to it being one of the first filter canisters in the market to use chemical protection coloring nomenclature rings that run around the sticker label of the canister. The M95 filter is arguably one of Scott's most famous filters and can be found for sale on various outlets, ebay and surplus stores. The M95 comes in a couple of variations with the earlier version showing colored rings and the later versions no longer showing the colored rings. It also appears to be the OEM filter of Scott and Micronel gas masks at the time due to the fact that their masks are commonly found with M95 filters attached although most of their Gas Masks are known to be sold without any filter included.

The M95 filter canister is no longer being offered on Scott Safety's website and from this it can be ascertained that the M95 has been phased out. It has been replaced by the Pro2000 Series, MPC+, CBRN and NTC-1 filter canisters. Although most M95 canisters found on ebay have recently expired (2011, 2012), it is very likely that unexpired canisters are still available.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The M95 weighs around 250 grams and uses the characteristic lightweight black nylon canister used by current Scott filters which makes it resistant to impacts and dents. The nylon case is also resistant to chemical corrosion and does not rust. Unlike most 40mm filters which use a 0.75-inch intake hole, the M95 uses wide and angled radial grills on the intake to reduce the speed of the air entering the canister which significantly reduces breathing resistance. This has the advantage of prolonging the battery life of Powered Air Purifying Respirators while making it easier for the user to breathe in a standard gas mask. A fresh canister comes in a transparent plastic wrapper with an instruction pamphlet with the filter having a screw-type 40mm cover cap and the intake having a plastic pull-off cover tab. The M95 has a 10-year shelf life if kept in its sealed packaging until use.


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Scott M95 Filter

Micronel M95 Filter

Scott M95 Expiry

M95 Filters have their expiry dates shown on the colored rings which give it the "Rainbow" nickname

Scott M95 Instructions

M95 Filters come with an instruction booklet inside the packaging.

Scott M95 Filter Coverage

The threat coverage nomenclature is also indicated on the filter's sticker label.