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The MC-1 is a polish copy of the Czech CM-3. It was destined for Polish Army and Civil Defense, but adopted only by the second formation and used till the end of Cold War.

Mask Edit

It was made from olive-tan rubber. The original CM-3 has the inlet/exit valve out of brown bakelite. Whereas the MC-1 has a black plastic inlet/exit valve assembly and an olive green fabric 6 point headstrap. The eyepieces are glass, held on with crimped metal and fabric. Air enters the mask via Tissot tubes and exits through the exit valve/voice diaphragm. The voice diaphragm contains a metal mesh (similar to a wire kitchen sifter) covering it, it also has a thin plastic disc behind the metal mesh. The plastic disc is thin and slightly translucent, which becomes obvious when a flashlight is put behind the voice diaphragm. The mask is relatively light and is a simple design. The filter that comes with the mask was a light grey GOST canister known as the MS-4. It spread in the surplus market after the end of the Cold War when CD's warehouses were closed down and their assortment sold out.

Bag Edit

Comes with two paint variants: Light green and Camo wz. 68 "Mora". Meant to be carried on shoulder belt but thanks to unnoticeable weight can lay only on chest belt. Bag consists of one bag for gas mask and filter and outside pouch for a field patch.

Trivia Edit

  • The MC-1 is also known as "Dzik"/"Mysz" due visual similarity to boar's/mouse's muzzle.
  • The straps can be difficult to loosen without more intimate knowledge of the masks harness. The best way to loosen the straps is to push the strap outwards from the bottom to create some space. After this, put your finger through the gap created and grip the strap. After you do this, you should now be able to easily and effortlessly pull the strap through to loosen it.
  • The voice diaphragm may give a light "buzz" to the voice of the user, but it works quite well in projecting understandable and coherent speech.

Gallery Edit

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