The MF-11 also known as FMJ05 is China's current standard-issue protective mask. Used by the Chinese People's Liberation Army and civilians working in areas such as industry, agriculture, scientific research, public safety and transportation safety.

Mask Edit

The mask itself is made out of a black rubber and uses 40mm NATO filters. The filter that comes with the mask, designated the MF-11B filter, provides protection against CBRN threats. The mask features rounded triangular eye lenses. Other variants of this mask feature eye lenses that are similar to the Avon FM-12 gas mask. The mask uses a 6-point head harness and tightens easily. Some other variants have a drinking tube system similar to Israeli masks on the side of the right cheek. The mask is quite comfortable.Currently, the mask is seen along side the newer next generation FMJ09.

Military Kit Edit

The military variant of this mask comes in a green plastic box that the mask and filter fit in. It also comes with the carrying bag with a Type 07 digital camouflage fabric. Other accessories include a waterproof bag, instructions, and a training cap for the filter input.

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