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The MKE Panoramic Gas Mask Edit

MKE  Panoramic Gas Mask was designed and produced by MKEK Designed for use by military, civil defense, police  and emegency personel in toxic enviroments, potentially contamined with CN/SC/OC agents.

This mask has no special model name. Only called MKE Panoramic Gas Mask.

The Panoramic Mask  is quite similar in design to Scott Promask. 

General features: Edit

Material: Natural rubber / Butyl rubber

Glass and Sound Character: Mask glass has panoramic polycarbonat glass, antifog and high impact strength features. Provides comfortable sound transmission.

Weight:: ~550 gram

Assembly:It is suitable to be used with any gas mask via a connection screw compliant with TS EN 148-1 standard, quality of their respiration resistance and other features are compliant with the NATO and European Standards.

Head Strap: 6 point Textile 

Visual Field: Effective ocular, Overlap visual field angle: Min. %70, %80.

Canister Type: Can be plug right or left

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