The Polish MP-6 was an indusrial gas mask based on the ShM-41 and SzM-41M gas masks.


The MP-6 was essentially a SzM-41M faceblank with a valve assembly similar to the Ma-1 respirator. It is made of steel with a 40mm GOST intake thread and exhale valve behind it.

The eyepieces are of typical Warsaw Pact construction - crimped metal holding the lenses in place, with fabric tape underneath to ensure the metal does not bite into the rubber.

Interestingly, the Tissot tubes were cut out. Predictably, this caused a huge fogging problem when using the mask (when not being used in conjunction with anti-fog soap or lenses). This design choice can also be seen on the later MK-221 / MK-212/1.


Industrial filters that were made by Faser. Flat box aluminium alloy canister with the same coloured cap (the filter is nearly identical with the EO-12)  and a rubber cap on the bottom.

Bag and kitEdit

The kits commonly came with a light green bag similar to that of other Polish gas masks, it contains 3 pockets. One is for the mask, another for the hose, and the last large one is for the filter.



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