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This mask is a variant of the MSA Ultravue, using an unusual screw thread. This mask is quite rare and was intended for use by riot police. These masks have a full visor and a head harness, with an optional oral nasal cup.

The editors MSA PHALANX mask with a riot filter

the def tec version with oral nasal cup

Another downside with this mask is that it does not have a 40mm NATO thread, instead using a 7/8 14 screw thread.

These masks were used by the riot police in the movie Terminator 2 during the raid of cyberdyne systems/skynet building as seen in the video.

This mask is not used any more and was discontinued by MSA somewhere in the early 2000s.

Sometimes these had been re branded by a company called Defense Technologies (DEF TEC) on them because they wanted to resell them to police but they seem to be more rare than the MSA versions of these masks.

Terminator 2 kneecapped

Terminator 2 kneecapped

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