The MUA is a Polish industrial gas mask (MUA is a name given to a kit for industrial purposes and military version is designated SzM-41M KF even though its a face piece name it's also a kit name). which probably started use in 1960's and was used till the late 1980's. The MUA is very similar to the ShM-41.

Mask Edit

Like it's Russian counterpart, the MUA was made of rubber with circular eye pieces. The MUA had two variants. The MK1 which ran throughout the 1970s and the MK2 which was produced in the 1980s. Both were identical except for the voice emitter. The MK1 was black plastic and the MK2 was metal. The MUA was equipped with a round, black voice emmiter (MK1) and a silver voice emitter (MK2) that differed from the Russian emitters because of it's size and shape. The face piece name is SzM-41 KF. The metal inhale/exhale section is slightly longer and angled differently than the ShM41 it was based on. These alterations were implemented to keep the hose further from the face and angled away presumably to assist mobility.

Filter Edit

The mask had a 40mm GOST thread that was connected to the filter by a black hose. The filter itself was a green, circural style filter designated EO-14, similar to the Soviet EO-12.

Bag Edit

Comes with two paint variants: Light green and Camo wz. 58 "Deszczyk". Meant to be carried on shoulder but due lack of chest belt availability and high interia, soldiers use to carry it on back. Inside it's divided to three bays for mask's equipment and one outside for field patch.

Trivia Edit

  • The MUA is often called "Słoń" due to the rubber pipe that looks like an elephant's trunk.

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