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The Romanian Md.58 is the licensed variant of the Soviet ShM-41mu.

Overview Edit

The mask is a typical Soviet helmet styled rubber mask. With two circular crimped-on eyepieces that can fit antifog inserts but it has also a Tissot tube system. The valve housing is made of metal which is painted dark green and has a 40mm GOST thread. It came in 5 sizes, 0 is the smallest and 4 is the biggest.

Filter Edit

The filter (similar to the EO-12) is a big flat canister filter connected by a hose to the mask.

Bag Edit

The bag is made of dark impregnated canvas. Inside there are 3 sections. The two same-sized parts are for the filter and the mask. The big flat part is for the hose. For carrying it has an adjustable shoulder strap and an also adjustable waist strap connecting with a carabiner to a D-ring.

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