The Menekülő kámzsa (Escape hood) is a Hungarian escape hood for workers who work in dangerous places and a respirator can be necessary in case of a catastrophe.

It consists of a cotton hood covered with PVC plastic with a panoramic eyepiece and rubberised sealing on the neck part and a rubber half mask connected to a fixed filter and to two exhale valves.

The 1st generation is covered with yellow PVC and the half mask is grey not black. The 2nd and the 3rd generation differs only on the filter and the 3st generation is covered with much brighter orange PVC.

The half mask is a modified Respirátor FA serie mask, just the intake is the outtake valve and vice versa. The first two generations had an FA-1 while the 3rd generation have a FA-3 half mask inside.

The kit comes in a cardboard box which contains the manual and the hood in a vacuum sealed bag.

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