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The Israeli 4A1 is a civilian mask, made shortly after the Model 4. The 4A1 built on the Model 4 (Model 4 was a copy of the German Dräger Simplex) by replacing the main exhale valve with a grid along with adding a voice diaphragm on citron models, and adding a drinking tube. The mask is made out of durable black rubber with easily adjustable straps that come in both rubber and the more scarce stretchable fabric. The 4A1 is the civilian equivalent of the Israeli M15. Both were developed during the Gulf War, they were developed because of the high threat of Nuclear/Biological/Chemical attacks in the Middle East. The mask was issued with a 40mm filter, there are four known makes of the filters, one is brown and was made around the '90s. Another is grey and was made in 2003, a tan filter was also made in 2004. The newest variant of the filter is a black filter made in 2014, the black filter is known to have an expiry date about 8 years after the production date. The Israeli 4A1 was issued to over 4 million Israeli civilians during the Gulf War. It is still issued today due to the high threat of nuclear/biological/chemical attacks. It was intended to be used whilst evacuating a contaminated area.

IMG 20170824 115745

A picture of 4A1 kit (Syringe missing)

Kit Contents Edit

The full kit comes with the gas mask, a drinking tube, a filter (either brown, grey, tan or black), a syringe used for treatment in the case of exposure to nerve gas and an instruction manual.

Hydration TubeEdit

Underneath the cap located on the right of the mask is a threaded port, that is where the hydration tube screws in. To connect it to a water source use the speciality canteen or place the end of the tube to an open container. Squeeze the pump in the middle of the tube and suck, this will allow fluids to enter through the pump and flow into the straw in the inner seal of the mask.

Filters Edit

The 4A1 gas mask comes with different coloured filters, the most common being the brown, grey, tan and green ones.

Models Edit

  1. Model 4A1 – Adult Respirator – one size fits all.
  2. Model 10A1 – designed for the protection of children from age 8 to 13.
  3. Models 4 & 10 – identical to the models 4A1 and 10A1, but without drinking system
  4. Panoramic model – a single curved impact-resistant plastic lens with improved peripheral vision. One size fits all. Designed primarily for industrial and laboratory workers.
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