The Wilson Mono Mask is a commercial copy of the MSA Dust Foe with minor changes. It utilizes a semi-pliable facepiece and is held in place by two rubber straps that hook together. Another feature of this mask are two ridges towards the top of the mask, presumed to be a reinforcement to keep the shape of the mask. it also uses a triangular inlet valve and two exhale valves at the bottom of the mask. The last main feature of the mask is the triangular compartment on the front of the mask. This contains the filtering elements that are made up of some woven fiber material impregnated with some unknown chemicals. (Most likely a kind of infused cotton) These sheets are held in place by a plastic assembly that buttons in place through two holes, one on each side of the mask.

Kit[edit | edit source]

Full kit

The kit comprised of five components.

  • The mask itself
  • box of replacement filters
  • instruction manual
  • advertisement pamphlet
  • plastic/metal storage container

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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