The Népgázálarc (Folk gas mask) is a civilian gas mask issued before and during the Second World War.

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The facepiece is a rubber coated claret canvas mask. The eyepiece is made of an early plastic (cellon – this is why most mask can be found with yellowed eyepieces). Antifog soap was issued despite of antifog inserts. The harness is a simple two-piece system with a third part around the neck to provide tight seal. The valves made of metal (aluminium). The exhalation valve is under the left eyepiece. It was made in 5 sizes, unlike the Cold War Hungarian masks the size 1 is the largest and size 5 is the smallest. Common misinformation that these masks were made for children because of the small sizes and color. Of course the smallest was used as a children mask.

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Main article: 35M filter

The filter is green painted cylindrical canister filter. A sticker covers the intake which had to be torn of before use.

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The bag is a basic canvas bag with only one big part inside.

The kit was 13 Pengő (it was the Hungarian money that time, 13 Pengő is now worth about 26€) in 1938. A cheaper option packed in a cardboard box was 11 Pengő. Spare filter was 2 Pengő 50 Fillér.

The kit contained:

  • 35M facepiece
  • 35M filter
  • Bag or cardboard box
  • Antifog soap
  • Manual

The kit could be bought in the shops of Mercur Műszaki és Vegyipari Rt. or ordered through a newspaper. Légoltalmi Liga (the predecessor of Polgári védelem - Civil Defence) organised an aid project to collect money for the gas masks of the poor. It could be supported by buying a special stamp.

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