The Navy Type N-C Gas Mask, Model A-1, more commonly referred to as the NC-1, was manufactured and issued around 1941. The mask was issued to civilians working in US Navy facilities, such as shipyards.

Overview Edit

The mask was manufactured by Mine Safety Appliances and looks somewhat similar to the MSA Comfo. The mask, despite its appearance, is based more off of earlier Kops-type masks. The inlet valves are nearly identical in design to the Comfo, though. Similarly to other Kops-type masks, the NC-1 is not solidly molded and sports a chin seam (which is sealed using some sort of rubber cement). The mask also uses an outer layer of stockinette for increased protection against blister agents. The NC-1 used two bilateral filters A MII flutter type exhale valve protrudes downward from the front of the mask, as well as a single plastic visor that extended across the entire facepiece. Near the point where the flapper valve is, a United States Navy symbol from the era surrounding the Second World War, an anchor, is found in red ink. Another stamp, a serial number, is found on the forehead of the mask's facepiece in yellow ink.

The mask was also issued with a canvas haversack, with a yellow serial number on the flap. The haversack features two black lift-the-dot fasteners on the flap for closing the he carrier. A single brown strap is found on the haversack as well. The absence of a retaining strap ensures that the carrier flops about a lot.  

Navy Type N-C Gas Mask, Model A-1 (Defense Workers Get Gas Mask Training, Paramount News)

Navy Type N-C Gas Mask, Model A-1 (Defense Workers Get Gas Mask Training, Paramount News)

Responding to Common Myths Edit

  • The NC-1 does not use the M12 filter. It uses a filter specifically designed for the NC-1.
  • While the NC-1 does not use the same filter as the Comfo, it does have the same threading. Another difference lies in that the NC-1 takes male-threaded filters while the Comfo takes female-threaded filters.
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