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The O.39 is an Italian optical mask used during the Second World War.

Mask overview Edit


Front view of the mask

This mask was Italy's first attempt at an optical mask for tankers and artillery units. It's made from brown rubber and has a five-point strap system like the other Italian masks. The filter is attached through a hose that is connected to the mask at the bottom, while the exhale valve is on the front and serves also as a voice diaphragm.

The eyepieces, the most important parts in an optical mask, are front watching and help the user with optical devices.

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A soldier with an O.39 looking through a scope


Additional filter, note the screw thread at the bottom

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O.39 mask attached to an oxygen-providing system inside a fortification

Filter Edit

The mask came with a T.35 filter, and if heavy artillery use was planned an additional filter was given, one with a screw thread on the bottom to screw on the regular filter.

O.39 with its kit

Kit Edit

The mask comes with filter, hose and a two sectioned bag, one part for the filter and the other for the mask itself.

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