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Mascc insaid

O.41Rs inside

The O.41Rs is an italian optical mask used during the second World War.

Mask overview Edit


Front view of the mask

This mask is the improved version of the O.39, and serves the same porpouse: letting the wearer use optical devices with ease. The mask's made from dark rubber, the same as the T.35Rs, and has a five point strap system like the other italian masks. The filter is attached through a hose that is connected to the mask at the bottom, while the exhale valve is on the front and serves also as a voice diaphragm.


The small difference between O.39 (left) and O.41Rs (right)

The eye pieces are front watching and have a removable rubber rim around the glass which differs from its predecessor the O.39, allowing to replace the eye pieces if necessary.

Filter Edit

The mask came with a T.35 filter, and if heavy artillery use was planned an additional filter was given, one with a screw thread on the bottom to screw on the regular filter. After the war, it was issued with either a T.35, an M.42 or a M.58 filter.

O.41Rs with its kit

Kit Edit

The mask comes with filter, hose and a two sectioned bag, one part for the filter and the other for the mask itself.

Use Edit

This mask was used and produced until the 1970s, when the M73 was introduced. The mask produced after the war are marked just as O.41 instead of O.41Rs

Reference Edit

A video on the topic by FirebirdJP

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O.41Rs with its kit

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O.41Rs face piece

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Post-war O.41

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Post-war O.41 marking

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Post-war O.41

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Post-war O.41 date marking

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Post-war O.41 from the front

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