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Canadian based Company "O2 Tactical", previously known as "Project Black", announced its "Tactical Respirator 1 (TR1)" half-mask under the old companys name in 2019. The Categorie of "Tactical Respirator", with the main goal to reduce chemical burden when shooting firearms, is new to the industry and to the date of 01/2021 unique to the "TR1" and "TR2" masks.

TR1[edit | edit source]

The mask features a half-mask design without any valves, ports or addons. It features a polymere cup retained by elastic cord to the users face, and uses replaceable filter inlays. The filter inlays are ~5mm thin wipes.

Quote: "They are 98.6% effective against PM2.5 particles and are effective down to 0.1 microns."

TR2[edit | edit source]

The mask features a half-mask design with exhaust-valve, addon port, replaceable mounting solutions, a filter cartridge that allows left and right handed use.

The mask aimed to provide NIOSH N95 or N99 Rating at the first announcements, and EN 149 FFP3 was announced to be set as goal too. To the Date of January 2021 neither of both ratings are accomplished, it is rated to filter 97% of 0.3µm Particles by testing standard NaCl 32 LPM TSI8130.

The Mask was announced with the following accessories:

  • Mic Kit: Microphone Integration for Headsets like the Peltor Comtac Series
  • Helmet Strap Kit: Strap Kit that replaces the head harness and attach to an Gentex OpsCore ARC Rail O2 Clip
  • Replaceable Filters: Dedicated Filter Catridges to replace

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