The OM-14 is a Polish copy of the Russian ShM-41. It was also similar to the Bulgarian BSS-MO-4U. During the 1970s and 1980s production ran concurrently along side the upgraded MUA version. Production ceased in 1989

Mask Edit

The mask, (Like the GP-5) is made of a latex rubber. it has the larger intake valve like the ShM-41 Soviet mask. The OM-14 is made to be used with a Soviet GOST hose due to the heavy EO-14 coffee can filter. The OM-14 has a chrome color intake valve, instead of the brown or green color of the ShM-41.

Filter Edit

The EO-14 filter is normally included with a kit. The mask may come with other filters. It is not known by report if this filter contains asbestos like most coffee can style filters.

Bag Edit

The kits commonly came with a light green bag similar to that of the MUA kit, it contains four pockets. One is for the mask, another for the hose, and the last large one is for the coffee-can filter. The last pocket is either for a decontamination kit or medical supplies.

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