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The OM-90 is the current service gas mask of the Armáda České republiky (Czech army). Its production started in the year 1990.


The facepiece is made of bromobutyl rubber. It has two circular forward-looking tempered glass eyepieces optimized for optical use. It features a drinking tube system and a voice emitter. The textile head harness makes the mask comfortable during long term use. The filter can be inserted from both sides, each side can be closed with a rubber plug while the other uses the filter.


It has an universal plastic NBC filter called OF-90 (Ochranný filtr 90).


The kit consists of bag (canvas or rubberized), gas mask, filter, plastic bottle and JP75 protective suit, which wasn't always part of the kit. This suit is 25x30x8cm big when packed. Gloves and shoe-sleeves are part of the suit.The suit comes in three sizes:

  • 1, to 170cm high
  • 2, from 171cm to 179cm
  • 3, 180cm and more


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