The P.C. 30 was the first widely issued Italian mask made for the civilian population. It was mainly used during training and drills and was never issued to civilians outside the aforementioned.

Note that due to the almost total resemblance to old-patter P43s, it's almost impossible telling them apart in a picture, save for context.

Mask overview Edit

The P.C. 30 was composed of a flat-moulded faceblank made of smooth green rubber to which the following were attached:

  • A threaded inlet at the chin with an inlet valve
  • Two crimped eyepieces, 50mm wide, made of triplex glass
  • Two VD 25 exhale valves with identical housings, one for each cheek
  • A 5-straps head harness, four of which were elastic

Filter Edit

The filter resembled the earliest Dirin filters. It was made with various blocking substances in multiple layers. The filter itself was openable, allowing users to change the cotton layer and the other parts. To use the filter, the user was required to remove the card layer over the filter's intake.

Kit Edit

The mask came in a metal cylinder with straps containing its filter, instructions, spare exhale valves, anti-fogging soap and the mask itself.

History Edit

The P.C. 30 is the first-ever Italian mask designed for the civilian population before the sale of S.C.M. licensed masks. This mask was used mainly for propaganda and ONB use, it was never issued to the population outside a few training and drills.

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