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The P43 is an Italian industrial gas mask. On may 1934, it was the 2th gas mask approved by the S.C.M. (Servizio Chimico Militare, chemical military service) and started getting sold to civilians. The date of the first production run is unknown, but it was surely before or during 1931, probably during the late 1920s'.

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Civilian P43 kit

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Civilian P43


Close shot of the markings of a civilian use approved P43tf. This mask was made in 1939

Mask overview Edit

The P43's face piece is made of a two layers rubber, textured on the outside and smooth on the inside. The head harness has five straps, four of which are elastic. The eye pieces are made of "unbreakable" glass. The intake is a front facing 40 mm thread, to which a filter or a hose could be directly attached. The 2 exhale valves are stored on small cages on each cheek, and they are kept still by a threaded lid that can vary between the various production runs.

Filter Edit

The mask was issued with various Dirin filters, depending on the use.

The kit Edit

sample text

Telephonist variant Edit

27 july 1939.

P43 with the full telephonist kit

Export Edit

Ajax F1 Edit


Ajax F1

The Ajax F1 was an Italian-licensed french-produced copy of the P43. It uses the standard french 42 mm filter and lacks the inhale valve, which is in the filter instead.
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P43 (the first and the last from the right) in the 1934 air raid protection exhibition

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Civilian P43

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Civilian P43

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