The PBF (Russian: Противогаз Без коробочный Фильтрующий - "Gas mask without box filter") is a gas mask kit, manufactured in the Soviet Union. The mask itself is the ShMB.

Mask Edit

It was intended to be a lightweight gas mask that did not have a heavy metal canister filter or hose. Instead, the PBF uses two smaller EO-19E 'Cheek ('Porkchop') Filters' filters mounted on each side of the mask, similarly to the M17. Like many other Soviet gas masks, the PBF was made in both grey and black versions. The PBF's voice emitter and exhale valve are located behind the plastic cover on the front of the mask. Like some other Soviet Cold-War-era masks, the PBF's lenses are designed to be used by soldiers that must look down optical devices, as the lenses are not angled. A notable feature of the PBF is the fact that it has indentations meant to fit over the wearer's ears. The material in this area is also thinner, to aid in hearing. According to some sources, the filters of the PBF are meant to last as long as 24 hours, depending on the level of air contamination.

Disassembled Edit

IMG 6130

PBF Kit Edit

  • ShMB facepiece
  • Carrying satchel, with inside pocket for anti-fog inserts and filters
  • EO-19E filters
  • 56.5mm diameter anti-fog inserts
  • Spare ShMB voice membranes
  • IPP-8 Decontamination kit
  • KPZO Anti fog pencil (optional)

Trivia Edit

  • According to some sources, the PBF was called the 'gorilla', 'monkey', and 'hamster' mask by Soviet troops.
  • The PBF is still used by police forces in some former Soviet countries like to the East German Grenztruppen (Border guards), due to being lightweight and unobstructive when handling armament.
  • The mask is sometimes wrongly referred to as the "EO-19", which stems from the designation of the filters designed for this mask.

In popular culture Edit

  • In the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of video games, NPCs are seen using a modified version of the PBF that has twin external 40mm filters and the exact same Valve and Diaphragm assembly.
  • The PBF gas mask has also been seen worn by 'flamethrower troops' in Metal Gear Solid 3 'Snake Eater'. A flaw exists with the date the game takes place, however. The game is set in 1964, however, the PBF gas mask only entered service in the late 1970s and into the 1980s.
  • This mask has also been used in the HBO miniseries "Chernobyl"

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An Example of a PBF on Sale

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