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RMP-1 /PDA system Edit

It is intended for emergency protection of the respiratory organs, eyes and skin of a person in emergency situations when performing primary measures to eliminate accidents and evacuation from the emergency zone in conditions of lack of oxygen. 

The PDA Portable Breathing Apparatus is available ready for immediate use and does not require individual fitting. Protects from the effects of any harmful impurities and in conditions of lack of oxygen. It is a means of protection of a one-time action, however, when replacing the regenerative cartridge with a special device, the RMP-1 can be used repeatedly.

Protective action time: 7 minutes (with heavy physical exertion), 15 minutes (with an average physical load), 60 minutes (at rest or waiting for help).

Variants Edit

PDA-1 Edit

PDA-3 Edit

PDA-3M Edit

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