The PMG (Russian: Противогаз Малогабаритный — "Small mask") was designed in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. First made in 1963, this mask was used in the Soviet Union, Hungary and Bulgarian during the 1970s.

Overview Edit

The mask has two flat circular glass eye pieces, which can fit anti-fog inserts, to aid in the use of optical equipment. There is a speech diaphragm located under a removable cover on the front of the mask, and a doubled exhalation valve located towards the bottom of the mask, under the diaphragm. The mask takes a GOST-compliant filter to the side, in a thread unusually made from rubber. The PMG has a strap at the back of the mask, its purpose being to allow a better seal, but the mask is secure on the head without its use being employed. The holes on the helmet part of the mask were made for ventilation of the head so the wearer wouldn't experience overheating.

Hungarian 70M Edit

Main article: 70M

The Hungarian licensed version differs slightly from the Soviet mask by featuring a higher number of smaller holes in the voice diaphragm, has Hungarian markings and made of a cheaper worse quality rubber. Hungary also used left handed ShMG facepieces with 70M membrane covers.

Bulgarian PMG Edit

It differs from the Soviet PMG only on the membrane cover which is nearly the same as the 70M.

Filter Edit

The EO-18k filters come in a tan-olive coloured cylindrical aluminium alloy canister with the same coloured cap.

Components of the PMG kit Edit

  • Face piece ShMG
  • EO-18k filter
  • Hydrophobic socket for filters
  • Type G bag (ГОСТ 13387-67)
  • Anti-fog stickers (optional)
  • Spare membranes tin
  • IPP-8

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