The PMG-2 (Russian: Противогаз Малогабаритный — "Small mask"), designated as the GP-5m for civilian use, was a Soviet gas mask kit issued from 1971 onwards, still seeing limited use in the Russian army. The gas mask itself is the ShM-66MU[1][2] and its version for pilots is the LP-2.

PMG-2 kit Edit

  • Mask SHM-66mu black/gray (membrane upgraded)
  • Filter EO-62k
  • Filter socket
  • Type G bag (ГОСТ 13387-67)
  • Insulating lenses (rubber of the insulating less depends on the mask's rubber)
  • Anti fog lenses 59mm double sided coating NPN
  • IPP-8 decontamination kit

GP-5m kit Edit

  • Mask SHM-66mu black/gray (membrane upgraded)
  • Filter GP-5
  • Filter socket
  • GP-5 bag
  • Insulating lenses (rubber of the insulating lenses depends on the mask's rubber)
  • Anti fog lens 59mm
  • IPP-8 decontamination kit

Mask overview Edit

Coming in either black or gray rubber, like most Soviet masks, the model is very similar to the GP-5, with a handful of noticeable changes. For instance, the mask possesses a voice diaphragm similar to that found on the ShMS or the MM-1, just under the eye lenses, which easily screws off. On either side of the mask there are small circles molded into the rubber to provide clearer hearing for communication between soldiers. It features flat, circular, eye lenses, a simple inlet valve and exhale valve, and a rubber facepiece.

The mask was made to be used by military personnel, Civilians also were issued civil version the GP-5m to manage radios in the homefront. Several photographs circulating on the internet show modern day soldiers of the Russian Federation military utilizing this mask, despite its dated status (in contrast with the PMK series).


The EO-62-K differs from the GP-5 filter canister only in color and quality of charcoal and filtering paper. It's brown olive.

Gallery Edit


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