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The PMK-4 (Russian: Противогаз Mалогабаритный Kомбинированный — "Compact combined mask") is the fourth mask in the PMK series, and is intended to replace the PMK-3 mask in the Russian military.

The PMK-4 is a full face mask with a large speech diaphragm similar to those on preceding PMK-series masks. The PMK-4 was released into service at the same time as the PMK-S, and is part of the current issue Russian Ratnik (Warrior, Russian future infantry combat system) program. The mask is designed to protect against all CBRN threats, and is produced to a very high quality and comfort standard. The shape and construction of the PMK-4 and PMK-S are very similar, with color distinction, kit contents, strap material, and weight being the main differences. Both masks are produced by ARTI-Zavod (conglomerate of Zelinsky Group), while the PMK-4 is produced strictly for the Russian military, the PMK-S is essentially the law enforcement version.

The PMK-4 features twin GOST 40mm thread adapters, one on either side for ambidextrous or dual filter use. PMK-4 masks are issued with a lightweight polymer cased high flow, low breathing resistance CBRN filter designated as the FPS-4P. These filters also come with a hydrophobic pre-filter much like preceding PMK masks. The mask uses a rubber 6 strap system for fastening similar to the PMK-3, although, the PMK-3 only has a 5 point system. In addition to the 6 strap system, the PMK-4 also uses a chin flair for quicker donning and doffing. The mask features a quick connect drinking tube system that wraps around a channel in the bottom of the exhale valve.

The PMK-4 has the ability to swap between poly-carbonate protective lenses that mount over the masks integral clear lens via rubber tabs on the temple of the mask. The lenses included are 2 clear protective shields, as well as, two green-tinted shields to protect against light radiation from nuclear explosions. The PMK-4 lens is in the shape of the Ratnik system ballistic goggles in order to be used in conjunction (mask/goggle combo). The issued kit for the mask also includes a protective CBRN hood(to be installed under the mask), a camouflage over-hood, carry bag, and a vision correction adapter. The mask is produced in standard Russian sizes 1, 2, or 3, with 3 being the largest.

It is important to note that the PMK-4 has never been produced in black. The mask that is thought to be a PMK-4 in black is actually a PMK-S mask, as the PMK-S is a very similar mask only produced in black for law enforcement. The PMK-4 is produced in the OD green color. It is thought that ARTI-Zavod has produced small numbers of special masks for the Russian military in a white(snow operation) color, as well as, a desert tan. These color choices are most likely chosen to match the standard gear color variations in the Russian military Ratnik system. One other way to distinguish a PMK-4 from a PMK-S, is the strap system on a PMK-4 is all rubber construction, whereas a PMK-S has elastic lower straps. The PMK-4 is also slightly lighter weight due to its filter construction.

PMK-4 masks are incredibly rare to find anywhere outside of the Russian military. Some sources say that not all units in the Russian military have even been issued this mask yet(as of 2020).

Противогазы ПМК-4 и ПМК-С (история создания) - Russian PMK-4 and PMK-S gas masks

Противогазы ПМК-4 и ПМК-С (история создания) - Russian PMK-4 and PMK-S gas masks


ПМК-4. Подробный обзор полного комплекта нового противогаза

Обзор противогаза ПМК-4 (новейший российский военный противогаз)

Обзор противогаза ПМК-4 (новейший российский военный противогаз)

PMK 4 kit

PMK-4 full kit.


PMK-4 tint lens for nuclear light radiation.

LAZ 1-0
PMK 4 2
PMK-4 Tan

PMK-4 tan prototype.

PMK -4 Tan 2
PMK tint
PMK 4 3

PMK-4 clear poly-carbonate protective lens.

PMK side
PMK 4 filter

PMK-4 no lens outsert.

PMK 4 back
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