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The PMK-5 (Russian: Противогаз Mалогабаритный Kомбинированный — "Compact Combined Mask"), designated as the GP-21 for civilian use, is manufactured in the Russian Federation by Tambovmash, and is the fifth mask in the PMK series.

Overview Edit

The PMK-5 has flexible lens, bonded to the mask (comparable to the MCU-2).

It's overall very similar to the PPM-88 mask, albeit more recent and with a relocated filter inlet.

The PMK-5 has a six-point rubber head harness. All of the straps can be quickly adjusted, in contrast to the preceding masks in the PMK series.

The mask has two 40mm GOST inlets, with a plug for the one not in use, an orinasal cup, and a voice diaphragm directly in the front. The exhale valve and voice diaphragm are structurally identical to those found on preceding PMK-series masks.

(PMK-5 Being Worn)

A PMK-5 being Worn

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