The PMK-G (Russian: Противогаз Mалогабаритный Kомбинированный-Гражданский – "Compact Combined Mask-Civilian") is the updated version of the GP-5. The mask could be privately purchased.

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This mask is a helmet-type mask which was made in black rubber. The lenses of these masks are held in place by crimped metal rims, crimped onto the rubber of the mask. The bottom of the mask is made of metal, and in it is the 40mm GOST filter inlet, and the inhale and exhale valves assembly. Air entered through the inhale valve, passed into the mask through Tissot tubes under the lenses and was breathed out through the exhale valve. The update compared to the GP-5 is a drinking tube system. It is a very basic one, the metal tube enters on the front of themask if it is not in use the rubber tube part is rolled aroud the intake 40mm thread then an again metal part is held in a rubber helder under the chin.

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