The PPM-88 is a Russian gasmask (possibly the second most common in Russia).

PPM-88 Gas Mask

The Russian Federation PPM-88 Gas Mask. Also shown is the OEM filter, certification paperwork, some Russian patches and refridgerator magnets and Military Grade Bullets for purchasing in-game items!

It is used for chemical, biological and radioactive agents.

The PPM-88 is a Russian industrial respirator that uses a standard 40mm filter to protect its user from Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear (CBRN) threats.

This gas mask was made famous by the game Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light as it is the mask used by the player throughout the game and is commonly found throughout the game world.

A yellow variant of the mask can be found.

PPM-88 Filter

PPM Series OEM Industrial Filter

Metro 2033 Gas Mask

The PPM-88 Gas Mask at the start of Metro 2033 PC game.


The PPM-88 and the PPM series is used as most gas masks usually are, for protection against airborne elements. But more specifically, the PPM series was made to protect against radiation in particular; offering this at nearly the same level as the PMK and GP series of gas masks.

The PPM series is used in industry and by firefighters. They are not usually used by the military, as the PMK-3 is standard.


Like a lot of Russian masks, very little information about the PPM-88 is available through online channels. Please feel free to add anything you know on this subject.

Manufacturer/Distributor Edit

The PPM-88 is made by the "Briz-Kama Factory", which is part of "Trade House Briz".


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