The PRV-BE is a gas mask that's used by Russian missile troops. It is made with both round and triangular eyepieces. It has a modern Russian voice diaphragm. The mask with the triangular eyepieces seems to be a direct copy of the Shm-2012. The masks come with a sleeve to protect the hose, just like the PRV-U. The mask comes with a grey or green bag to hold the KRV-BE coffee can filter. The filter is specially made to filter out amyl and heptyl, two chemicals that come off missiles. The mask comes in 3 sizes and is also for sale for industrial purposes.

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At Integrated Security 2015, the Russian company EHMZ revealed the PRV-BE, which didn't have a voice diaphragm at the time, and the P-2U which did have a voice diaphragm, but no sleeve for the hose. Later, the PRV-BE got a voice diaphragm as well, and the P-2U was discontinued.

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