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The PRV-M (Russian: Противогаз Ракетных Войск, Малогаборитный - "Rocket forces mask, small") was introduced in 1981 for use by troops refuelling rockets. The facepiece is designated as ShM-70R (Russian: Шлем Маска оразца-1970 г. ракетная - "Helmet mask 1970 year model rocket", based on the ShM-70) and comes in four sizes[2], with a voice diaphragm cover identical to the PRV-U's.

PRV-M kitEdit

  • Face piece ShM-70R
  • Filter KRV-M
  • Filter MKR-1/MKR-2 both were bayonet filters + a particle filter
  • Rubberized mesh bag
  • Insulating lenses
  • 59mm diameter anti fog inserts

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