The PTM-1 (Russian: Противопыльная Тканевая Маска — "anti-dust cloth mask") was a civilian dust mask designed to be easy to make and to be able to protect against radioactive dust.

Mask overview Edit

The facepiece was made using two to four layers of fabric and it was held onto the face by elasticated bands and a hood. The eye pieces were made either of glass or cellulose.

The mask was made in 7 sizes.

Use Edit

The PTM-1 was a cheaper alternative to gas masks and was meant to protect against radioactive dust in case of nuclear war. The PTM-1's making process was explained via public demonstrations and the masks were sewn at home by the civilians. Because of the artisanal production of this mask, the PTM-1 gas mask came in different colors such as gray, blue, green or red, and the quality of the sewing varies. It was used in Hungary too, but the mane and the origin of the masks are unknown. However it is possible that these were manufactured in Hungary by local factories or TSZ (cooperatives).

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