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The Pr.C.33 was an italian civilian mask used for propaganda by children and demonstrators. It is the civilian variant of the T.32, and it is structurally identical.

Mask overview Edit


Pr.C.33 marking

The face piece was made with stamped rubber. It has two "unbreakable" glass eye pieces that sport a metal ring for putting on anti-fogging lenses. The P.C. 30 like exhale valve is in the front and it's covered by a flat removable lid for protection. The filter intake is at the bottom. The inhale valve is a rubber disc just above the filter intake. The mask uses the standard Italian five straps system, four of which are elastic.

Filter Edit


Pr.c.33 filter, exhale valve, anti-fogging lenses and field pamphlet

The filter was a small cylinder filled with blocking substances, similar to the one of the S.I.P. 1.

Kit Edit


Pr.C. 33 with its full kit

The mask came in a metal tube with its filter, a small box with a spare exhale valve and anti-fogging lenses, and an instructional pamphlet.

Pr.C.33 with some of its kit


Pr.C.33 box's marking


Pr.C.33 being used

Pr.C.33 instructional pamphlet Edit

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