The R.M.F.35 was an Italian navy-issued gas mask with a phonic device that allowed easier communication.

Mask overview Edit

The face piece was made with stamped rubber and has two "unbreakable" glass eye pieces. The exhale valve is in the front and it's inside a phonic device made up by the exhale valve, a net cover for the valve, the trumpet, a net cover for the inside of the trumpet and the housing, which was an heavy cylinder with a thread to screw on the trumpet, which held the other pieces in place. The filter intake is at the bottom, and over it there is the tissot system, which helps to prevent fogging. The mask uses the standard Italian five straps system, four of which are elastic. The inhale valve is in the hose.

Filter Edit

The M.33-R.M. filter was similar to the standard M33 filter in its content and cylindrical shape, differing only in the thread, which enabled it to be unscrewed easily from the hose. The T.35 filter was used by a brown-painted metal box containing the various filtering substances, and it was used only with the small variant.

Variants and kit Edit

Regular variant Edit

The most common variant of the R.M.F.35 was the one that sported a hose and the M.33-R.M. filter. The mask, the hose, and the filter came in the standard R.M. satchel with a spare exhale valve and a stick of anti-fogging soap.

Small variant Edit

The R.M.F.35 in its more compact variant didn't have a hose and its T.35 filter was directly screwed onto the face piece. The mask came in an F.T.35 satchel with the filter and possibly a stick of anti-fogging soap.
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