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The R.S. 38 is a cheaper variant of the R.S. 37 made by Spasciani. It is the 21th gas mask approved by the S.C.M. (Servizio Chimico Militare, chemical military service) on 15 june 1938.

Mask overview Edit


R.S. 38 with its kit

The R.S. 38 is a very cheap civilian gas mask. It's rubber is very thin and it's eye pieces were made of acetyl cellulose, a cheap substitute for "unbreakable" glass used in the T.35. The exhale valve is in the front and it's covered by a removable lid for protection.The Intake valve is at the bottom.

Filter Edit

The mask was provided with a small Spasciani civilian filter.

Kit Edit


Training pseudo-filter


A size III (small) R.S. 38 with its kit

The mask came in a box like other civilian masks with a small civilian Spasciani filter, an instructional pamphlet, a pseudo-filter and a cloth bag to carry the mask and the filter for emergencies.

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