The R.S. 38 is a cheaper variant of the R.S. 37 made by Spasciani. It is the 21st gas mask approved by the S.C.M. (Servizio Chimico Militare, chemical military service) on 15 June 1938.

Mask overview Edit

The faceblank is made of a thin sheet of rubber glued at the chin. The section around the inlet and outlet has a layer of stockinette inside that makes it more rigid, preventing it from collapsing while the mask is being worn. The faceblank has the following parts attached to it:

  • the housing for the exhale valve (outlet)
  • the metal threaded piece that allows the filter to be screwed in and houses the inlet valve (inlet)
  • the eyepieces
  • the straps

The housing for the exhale valve is attached externally through a smaller metal piece. The exhale valve allows exhaled air to go outside and prevents poisoned air to get in. It's made of rubber, it opens under the light pressure of exhaling and closes hermetically under the negative pressure produced by the inhalation. It can be inspected and possibly replaced by unscrewing the lid of its housing.

The inhale valve allows filtered air in from the filter and does not allow exhaled air to go back out from the filter again. Said rubber valve is housed in the metal threaded piece.

The mask has two eyepieces, each is composed of a cellulose acetate lens, an anti-fogging lens and an aluminium frame which contains the previous two and which is wired to the faceblank.

The 5-strap non-elastic harness is composed of 5 adjustable straps attached to the facepiece, and they gather into a nape pad. Elasticity is given by the extremities of the faceblank to which the straps are attached.

Kit Edit

The R.S. 38 came with the following kit:

  • Cardboard box, which contained all of the rest of the kit. Sometimes it was discarded after the mask was purchased and unboxed
  • R.S. 38 filter, a proprietary filter made specifically for this mask. There are two variants, they only differ in the markings.
  • Cloth bag, made by Lenci (doll company), with two straps, a string and a button to close it and an internal pocket. Although the manual depicts a different bag, most R.S. 38 kits are found with this kind of bag.
  • Pseudo-filter, a red assembly with a female and a male thread that mimic filter respiratory resistance made to allow training with the filter without actually opening it
  • Manual
  • Red instruction paper

R.S. 38 manual and instructions paper Edit

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